Our History

The Pentecostal Church of God (PCOG) was organized by Bishop Edward E. Williams in 1968 . The church has grown in quality of worship, ministry, and service.  Under the second generation Pastor, Bishop Edward

The Pentecostal Church of God has been committed to providing spiritual regeneration and revitalization to the followers of Jesus Christ.   

The church is a place of Christ-centered worship, nurturing and empowering the discipleship to transform their lives to the mind of Christ and impact the global neighborhood through the word of God and witness. The PCOG family has united in the faith of Jesus Christ through repentance, baptism, and sanctification through the indwelling of the person of the Holy Spirit.  We believe that through personal commitment to Christ through devotional prayer and meditation on the inerrant word of God and the  hearing the word of God, proclamation and participation leads to a more fulfilling and victorious life in Christ. The church provides a haven of re-birth, revival, restoration, and renewal among those in the fellowship.  

The PCOG family of believers are dedicated to providing an environment that welcomes individuals and families of diverse backgrounds from across the globe who desire to mature in the grace and truth of the Christ Jesus.  We are a culturally diverse family united in the belief that with one blood God has made one nation and through his precious, powerful, and priceless blood has made come together in love, mercy, and peace.  There is a sense of belonging and being known by a caring and genuine fellowship and followship of Christ Jesus. We are a compassionate church that genuinely cares about the spiritual wellness of each member.

We have a dynamic Christian Education where members of all ages participate in faith building systemic study and discussion towards a fruitful life in Christ Jesus each week.

Since 1968 we have been involved in helping individuals and families facing challenges spiritually and naturally within the states and assisting communities through a network of affiliate churches around the world. 

Today we are one of the prominent churches located in the heart of Flatbush, in Brooklyn, New York where the heart of the community is in the church.

Our Theme: The church where everybody is someone and no one is a stranger.
Our Motto: Come to Worship – Go forth to serve.